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Life on a stick

How long do you think it takes to download your life on to a memory stick? And more to the point, how many gigs are you worth? The answers are humbling!!!

Three months have gone by incredibly quickly; since our last posting sometime in June, we have sold our treasured home, got rid of most of our possessions by donating, via numerous garage sales and signed up for a year-long adventure in Tajikistan (The Roof of the World) starting October 3rd of this year. To that end, we completed an intensive and intriguing training in Ottawa, Canada with CUSO-VSO for five days. At our training, we met around 25 other volunteers who will be sent out to all corners of the world to help make the world a (little) better place. Without exception interesting, committed and driven people with all kinds of expertise. We have already started creating a new family. The training was fun too, so we shared laughs and tears on this wonderful new Journey. We promised to mention Chiara Marcazzan our Volunteer Adv…