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Spring and summer in Tajikistan

It’s been over a month since we were last in touch……No thanks to our Russian internet service providers on which we are so dependent.But life trundles on here, albeit at a pace that makes us wonder what we will look like when we emerge in October from our Tajik chrysalis into the real world of stress and bits and bytes and innumerable options on the type of coffee we would like to order.In Khorog, the choice of coffee is simple; instant – with or without sugar or milk.That’s it!No decisions over the fat content of the milk, no choice of sweetener and heaven forbid that you can decide on the roast of the bean, its origin or the depth of the froth on the drink.So, THANK YOU to our friends for maintaining our Western stress levels.We happily raise our coffee cups to you every morning when we brew our choice of ‘Seattle’s Best, Douwe Egbers, Lavazza, Illy, Peet’s (still on its way we hear but we look forward to it; thanks Bill and Sherry)  … to name a few.

April was an interesting mont…