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Second mosquito report and an authentic, Rupununi, Rodeo

The last couple of weeks have flown by and we just came to the realization that, when we post this blog, we have already been in Guyana for over seven weeks. As reported earlier, we are settling in nicely and we have now come to the point, where most basic necessities have been organized and we can start exploring the region in all seriousness.
On the work side, we have been engaged in all sorts of meetings and seminars, which seem to be hard to avoid here. Although deemed necessary, we feel our work and expertise is more needed “in the field” so we are happy that we managed to create a travel plan for the next three weeks (April 25-May 15 roughly) which will bring us into the real Rupununi, its unspoiled nature, rivers, forests and wild savannahs, which are the main attraction of the region.
The rains also have started arriving, although the locals are reluctant to announce the official start of the rainy season. According to them, the season only starts May first and not a day earl…