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With the inauspicious end to 2016.... a year that we would rather delete from our calendar.....  and the dawn of 2017, we are in the last couple of weeks of 'shutting up shop' and saying 'au-revoir' to our experiment with the American Dream.  Nostalgically, we wonder if we will ever be back for good and if so, how different the country we know as home, will appear when we return.  For both of us, the USA is where we have spent most of our adult lives and California has truly captured our hearts.  We have always been so happy to say we belong to LaLaLand.  But for now,  it is back on the road again, to our nomadic existence and the boundless excitement of the world beyond.  For those of you who know us, our decision to exit 'stage-right' from what we now call 'Trumpistan' will not come as a surprise.  We acknowledge that the man is just a symptom of the systemic malaise that not just America but much of the developed world is experiencing; nonetheless, …