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Navruz Muborak

Navruz Muborak...Or HAPPY NEW YEAR to those of you who are not familiar with Tajik! Yes, we have another four days of official holidays, all strung together. And for a bit of light entertainment, we are back in the office on Friday this week ( Friday, March 25). It gives the term 'Long Weekend' a whole other meaning.
We were back in Dushanbe; meetings with VSO for reviews on how our programmes have been going over the past year. It's interesting to be part of the Central Asian New Year celebrations. For four days families have been celebrating by joining in on official gatherings and concerts, just walking the streets in their finery - usually national dress (with a lot of glitter for the special occasion) or participating in various games and competitions. We don't know about the food or family gatherings ; being in Dushanbe, we were not invited home for 'a cup of tea' by any hospitable strangers. The rule of the big city prevails even here in the Capital of T…